Project Awards


Submit by June 7, 2024 for a $50 Early Bird Discount ($350 entry fee).
After June 7, 2024, submission entry fee is $400.
All projects must be submitted by July 12, 2024, 5 PM Central Time.

NOTE: Submitting a project requires logging in to the ICRI Member Central portal. Please click here for instructions on how to create or access your account.

About the ICRI Project Awards

ICRI conducts an awards program each year to honor and recognize outstanding projects in the concrete repair industry. Entries are received from around the world, and the winning projects are honored each year at the annual ICRI Awards Banquet at the ICRI Fall Convention. Additionally, each winning project is featured in an article in the Concrete Repair Bulletin.

No two projects are alike, so be creative and showcase your unique approach to your exceptional project and tell us all about it (in 2,000 words or less!).

The submission form is extensive and will take some time, so please start preparing as soon as possible.

Equip Yourself for Project Award Submittal Success

Interested in submitting a project for recognition at the ICRI 2024 Project Awards? The process may SEEM intimidating, but it is really just gathering the appropriate information and crafting a narrative that tells the unique story of your project. Now is the time to start that process. Before you start gathering project details, take some time to review past winning entries from our magazine, the Concrete Repair Bulletin. Peruse photos, abstracts, and full articles of winning projects from past years to discover what makes these projects award-worthy. Then use this checklist to help you gather what you need for a complete and successful entry:
  • You must be a current ICRI Company Member
  • Owner Permission Letter (scan the letter and upload file where noted in the online form)
  • Names and contact information for a maximum of five (5) participants in project:
    • Project Owner
    • Project Engineer/Designer
    • Repair Contractor
    • Materials Suppliers and/or Manufacturers
  • Brief Project Abstract (300 words or less)
  • Detailed Project Presentation with Cover (worthy of publication/presentation) not to exceed 2,000 words with a minimum of six (6) – maximum of fifteen (15) – pictures/diagrams. This is the only part of your submission that the judges will see. See Project Award Rule #5 for more details (please upload as PDF file).
  • PICTURES: Separate files of each picture used in detailed project description (file uploads). These photos will be used for displaying winning entries at the 2024 Fall Convention and publication in ICRI’s Concrete Repair Bulletin (CRB). Minimum of six (6) pictures and diagrams, not to exceed fifteen (15) – all should be high resolution of 300 dpi or greater and MUST include:
    • One (1) Award Plaque picture (landscape orientation) – specify in file name
    • Six (6) to be used in poster development – specify in file names
    • One (1) depicting the completed project
Same picture(s) may be used for more than one of the above list PLEASE NOTE: Each file and/or zip file uploaded CANNOT EXCEED 30MB in file size. If you upload files that are too large when submitting your entry…
  1. The system will time out;
  2. You will NOT receive an error message; and
  3. Your entry will not be submitted.
File Upload Hint: There are 15 individual upload fields in Part II of the form for photos/images. Each file upload cannot exceed 30MB. You can compress (zip) all of your photos into several zip files for easier uploading – zip files also cannot exceed 30MB each. If you are unsure all of your files will load, upload only the required finished project/cover photo and award plaque photo, and then contact Dale Regnier at [email protected] or 651-290-6278, for alternative instructions for the remainder of your pictures.
  • Cost of Project
  • Date of Completion
  • Credit Card Payment information for $400 entry fee. Enter by June 7 to receive a $50 discount.
  • Submit your entry via the online submission form by the July 12, 2024 deadline

Award Categories

  • High-rise (7 or more stories)
  • Low-rise (6 or less stories)
  • Historic
  • Industrial
  • Masonry
  • Parking Structures
  • Special Projects
  • Transportation
  • Water structures (e.g. dams, conduits, reservoirs)
  • Longevity

Judging Criteria

 Entries will be judged on uniqueness, use of state-of-the-art methods, use of materials, functionality, value engineering, and aesthetics. The panel of judges is selected by the ICRI Awards Committee and consists of engineers, contractors, and manufacturers from all over North America.

Contact Dale Regnier, [email protected], with award questions and concerns.

Past Winners