ICRI Fellows

ICRI developed a Fellows program to honor those members who have made significant contributions to the industry and the organization, with the first Fellows being inducted in 1999. The qualification requirements are: outstanding contribution to the production or use of concrete repair materials, products, or structures in the areas of education, research, development, design, construction, or management. As a prerequisite to election, an individual shall have been an ICRI member for five consecutive years.

Dennis Ahrenhoersterbaeumer
Randy Beard
Wayne Benitz
Jacques Bertrand
Dick Bonin
Marthe Brock
Don F. Caple
Jeffrey Carlson
Jason Coleman
Bruce Collins
Milt Collins
Peter Craig
Ken Currence (deceased)
Brian Daley
Mark DeStefano
Ashish Dubey
William “Bud” Earley
Eric Edelson
Peter Emmons
Garth Fallis
Donald T. Ford
Robert Gaul
Timothy Gillespie
H. Peter Golter
Fred Goodwin
John Goss Jr.
Scott Greenhaus
Scott Harrison
Liying Jiang
Robert Johnson
Ralph Jones
Ashok Kakade
Brad Kamin
Elena Kessi
Katherine A. Klosowski-Blatz
Chuck Knight
Bert Kriekemans
Peter Kolf
Mark LeMay
Chris Lippmann
Ken Lozen
Brian MacNeil
James McDonald
John McDougall
Jessi Meyer
Kevin Michols
Patrick Morrissey
Jack Morrow (deceased)
Mark Nelson
Beth Newbold
Michelle Nobel
Michael O’Malley
Larry D. Olson
Tom Ouska
Kelly Page
Chuck Pfahl
Robert Pusheck
George Reedy
Karl Rickert
David Rodler
Allen Roth
Monica Rourke
Steve Royer
Matthew Sherman
Marty Sobelman
Joe Solomon
Aamer Syed
Michael Tabassi
Robert Terpening
Robert Thaxton
Richard Toman
James Warner
Patrick “Doc” Watson
David Whitmore
Pat Winkler
Dennis Wipf

Fellows list updated 5/6/2024

ICRI Fellow Nominations

ICRI is now accepting nominations for Fellow of the organization. Nominations MUST be made through the online form and are due no later than September 1, 2024.


NOTE: Application requires logging in to the ICRI Member Central portal. Please click here for instructions on how to access your account.

Only current ICRI Fellows are eligible to submit an online nomination through the member portal. Chapters or groups of individuals interested in nominating an ICRI Member for ICRI Fellow must reach out to a current Fellow to begin the nomination process. A list of current fellows is available online at https://www.icri.org/awards/icri-fellows/ and member contact information can be found by using the Individual Member Search.

Candidate information can be collected using the Information Collection form (click link to download) and copied by the nominating Fellow into the online form.

The nominating Fellow must also complete the Applicant Score Sheet (click link to download) and upload and record the total score as part of the online nomination process.

Questions? Contact Dale Regnier, Program Director.

How to Submit a Fellow Nomination

Qualification Requirements: Outstanding contribution to the concrete repair industry in the areas of education, research, development, design, construction, or management. Nominee must have a minimum of five (5) years active membership in ICRI.

Sponsors: Nominees for ICRI Fellow may be proposed by (a) any group of five ICRI members, (b) any ICRI Chapter, or (c) the Fellows Committee.

General Information: The following describes the process used to identify, nominate and approve ICRI Fellows.

  • Identify if there are any nominations pending from previous Fellow Committee Meetings.
  • Identify any new potential candidates at the virtual or in-person Fellows Committee Meetings by June 1.
  • Fellows Committee members discuss the initial merits on each identified candidate.
    • NOTE: A Fellow must be involved in identifying potential candidates. 
    • Local chapters and individuals are to reach out to a Fellow as identified on ICRI’s website to solicit their support to present the candidate to the Fellows Committee.
  • Once the candidate has been identified to move forward, any Fellow will start the process by completing the requested information portion on the application (Items 1 through 8).
    • NOTE: an ICRI Fellow must submit the nomination through the online form.
  • It is the nominating Fellow’s responsibility to write up a nomination summary on why this candidate is qualified to become an ICRI Fellow.
  • The nominator/nominating group should have the information for their candidate, including education, employment (resume/CV), ICRI activities, professional society activities, presentations and publications, industry awards and other industry contributions. 
  • The nominator/nominating group must submit a minimum of 5 sponsors/references. It is required to have a current ICRI Fellow as a sponsor/reference. The remaining sponsors/references must be current ICRI members and can be affiliated with ICRI Chapters as officers or members.
  • The ICRI Fellow will upload the score sheet (separate document) for the nomination and enter the score in the online nomination form.
  • Once the nomination has been submitted by the nominating Fellow, ICRI staff will complete an online application on behalf of the nominee and enter the sponsors/references.
    • The sponsors/references will be contacted automatically by email to review the application and provide approval.
  • The scored applications will be forwarded to the Fellows Committee Chair.
  • Committee Chair to gather the candidate(s) nomination/application information to share with the committee.
  • Committee Chair will forward the candidate(s) nomination/application information to the voting committee members for their review and consideration.
  • Committee Chair will schedule a meeting with the voting members.
  • Committee to discuss and vote on which candidates will be forwarded to Dale Regnier (ICRI Administration Group) to prepare documents and plaque for their induction to ICRI Fellow.
    • NOTE: All Fellows are encouraged to attend the meeting and provide commentary, but ONLY VOTING MEMBERS will formally be accounted in the vote tally for each candidate.
  • New ICRI Fellows will be formally inducted and introduced to the membership at the ICRI Spring Convention.



NOTE: Application requires logging in to the ICRI Member Central portal. Please click here for instructions on how to access your account.