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ICRI Headquarters

International Concrete Repair Institute, Inc.
1601 Utica Avenue South
Suite 213
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Phone: +1 651-366-6095
Fax: +1 651-290-2266
Email: [email protected]

ICRI Staff

Executive Director

Eric Hauth
[email protected]
(651) 265-7841

Eric works directly with the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. Under their direction, he manages the day to day business operations of ICRI. Eric has overall responsibility for the programs and activities of ICRI and works with all staff to accomplish the goals of the Institute. Eric is also the staff liaison for the ICRI Education Committee, develops and maintains relationships with industry organizations and manages the Supplier Member Advisory Council.

Staff Liaison to:

Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Nomination Committee, Education Committee, Global Task Force, Young Professionals Group and the Supplier Member Advisory Council

Main Areas of Responsibilities

  • Overall management and oversight of the day to day activities and ICRI staff
  • Global Expansion
  • Partnerships
  • Annual Budget

Technical Director

Matthew Carter
[email protected]
(913) 456-3522

Matthew provides support to technical inquiries and questions; assists the Technical Activities Committee (TAC), technical and administrative committees, Executive Committee, and Board of Directors; assists in the development of new educational products/certification programs; oversees the existing certification programs managed by the ICRI Certification Manager; assists in soliciting and coordinating technical articles and TAC Talk for the Concrete Repair Bulletin (CRB); assists in soliciting and compiling presentation abstracts for technical sessions at conventions; provides editorial review of technical documents prior to publishing; and assists in providing technical content for promotional materials and the website. Matthew is also the staff liaison to the ICRI TAC and Technical Committees and the Fellows Committees.

Staff Liaison to:

Technical Activities Committee (TAC), all Technical Committees, Fellows Committee

Main Areas of Responsibilities:

  • Assist TAC and technical committees
  • Assist committees in development of educational/certification programs
  • Oversee certification programs managed by the Certification Manager
  • CRB technical articles
  • Convention speakers/presentation abstracts and selection
  • Technical review of ICRI documents, programs and promotional materials

Program Director / Director of Chapter Relations

Dale Regnier, CAE
[email protected]
(651) 290-6278

Dale works closely with the 38 ICRI Chapters and more than 220 volunteer chapter leaders to develop and maintain programs and processes that assist volunteer leaders with running successful and dynamic ICRI chapters. This includes daily upkeep, monthly reporting, and hosting two Chapter Roundtable events each year. Dale also helps maintain and promote ICRI Technical and Administrative Committees. He helps manage 170 committee volunteers and their work through the operation and maintenance of the committee management system, Causeway. Dale overdsees the ICRI Scholarship Program, Annual Project Awards Program, as well as provide support for the ICRI bookstore and its inventory.

Staff Liaison to:

Chapters, Publications, Awards, Coordination, Secretariat, Committees

Main Areas of Responsibilities:

  • Chapters
  • Secretariat
  • Committees
  • Committee Work Portal (Causeway)
  • Online Bookstore
  • Publications Management

Marketing/ Membership Manager

Marissa Esguerra, CAE
[email protected]
(651) 290-6286

Marissa has primary responsibility for managing ICRI’s membership growth initiatives and product/service marketing. She is also responsible for managing ICRI’s membership technology.

Staff Liaison to:

Membership Committee and Marketing Committee

Main Areas of Responsibilities:

  • Membership growth initiatives
  • Product and service marketing
  • Membership technology