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Expand your network. Share your talents. Give back to your community.

Get involved in your professional community and contribute to the advancement of concrete repair, restoration, and protection by sharing your time and talents.

Volunteering with ICRI affords you the opportunity to connect and work with other members, and gain new professional experience.

ICRI strives to offer an array of opportunities for member involvement, covering a variety of interests, time commitment, and areas of expertise. 

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Questions? Please contact Dale Regnier at [email protected] or (651) 290-6278.
Administrative Committees
Administrative Committee vacancies are appointed by the ICRI President. Should an appointment become available, I would be interested in serving on the following committee(s):
Technical Committees
Participation on ICRI technical committees and subcommittees increases your knowledge in almost every area of concrete repair and restoration, and you will stay on the leading edge of industry best practices.
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