Concrete Repair Bulletin March/April 2022

March/April 2022
Evaluation and Forensics

March/April 2022
Evaluation and Forensics
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Feature Articles:

  • “L”-evating Concrete Façade Restoration to a New Level: A Case Study with Access Challenges by Christopher Kottra
  • The Forensic Engineering Process for Structural Failures by Kevin Goudarzi
  • Localized Corrosion: A Veiled Threat to Reinforced Concrete by Kerry Kreitman and Alex Meucci
  • An Introduction to ICRI’s New Guide No. 110.3-2021 Guide Specifications for Cementitious Bonded Overlay by David Rodler, Liying Jiang, and Horace Willis


Also included in this issue:

  • President’s Message
  • TAC Talk
  • Certification Update
  • 2022 President’s Award
  • Chapter News
  • Industry News
  • Association News
  • People on the Move
  • Product Innovation