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(Record of original votes as of closing date)

Ballot Title/ID: 2011 Technical Committee Manual
Description: Final Draft of revised TCM

Attached File: 2011 TCM
Ballot Type: Letter Ballot
Start Date: 2/12/2011
End Date: 3/14/2011



Item # Item Description
1 2011 TCM for review and approval


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Item # Member Aff. Aff. w/
Neg. Abs. Not
Comments Attached
1 Apicella,Frank X    
Caple,Don   X Strengths: Clears up any misunderstandings and offers better guidance on procedures. Weaknesses: None only helps with gray areas.OveralOpinion: Good overall improvement. Gives better guidance and direction on important information.
Costa, P.E.,Jorge X
Fulkerson,Andrew X     Comment
Golter, P.E.,H. Peter X It is amazing how technology is improving the groups access to information as well as a great reference piece. Nicely done.
Jimenez,Gabriel X    
Kolf,Peter X  
McDonald,James X
Michols,Kevin X    
Rodler,David X  
Sizemore,Lee X  
Trepanier,Stephan X  
*Whitmore,David X    
Winkler,Patrick X  


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There are 14 committee members eligible to vote.

Passage of an item requires resolution of any negative votes. Passage of an item requires that at least 1/2 of all voting members on the committee roster must cast an affirmative vote. Also, the number of affirmative votes must be at least 2/3 of the yes and no votes cast. Please contact ICRI headquarters for additional information on balloting procedures.

Item # Affirmative Affirmative with Editorial Comments Negative Abstain Not Returned The 1/2 Rule The 2/3 Rule
1 9 3 1 1 Item Meets Item Meets

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