The ICRI Secretariat
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ICRI enhanced its Governance structure adding the position of Secretariat. This leadership position helps ICRI fulfill the goals of the strategic plan as well as help implement new ideas that are brought forth from committees, chapters, individual members or other industry professionals.

The goal of the Secretariat is to provide fulfillment of the ICRI strategic objectives under the four strategic drivers of:

  • Industry Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Organizational Strength
  • Organizational Credibility.

The task of the Secretariat is to assure that ideas and issues are heard, disseminated, and managed by the appropriate ICRI committees and task groups. The Secretariat's role directs the ideas and issues to the appropriate committee or task group without regulating the actual implementation.

The current ICRI Secretariat members are...

Jeff Barnes

Rick Edelson


Pierre Hebert

Mark Nelson

Read more about the development of the Secretariat.

We want to hear from you! Submit your ideas to the Secretariat today.

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