CSRT Certification - Live Performance Exam Overview & Schedule
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Live Performance Exam Overview

Live Performance Exam Locations & Dates

About the CSRT Certification Program

Are you looking to become an ICRI certified concrete surface repair technician but have been hesitant to participate or are currently taking the course but have not completed it due to the video recording submission requirement for the performance exam?

If so, the International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) is pleased to offer live performance exams at on-site locations.

Instead of you needing to purchase/rent and assemble the equipment, materials, and test samples; mix and dispose of concrete materials; and record a video of yourself performing the test methods for the performance exam, ICRI will provide all the items necessary to conduct the performance exams on-site under the watchful eye of qualified judges.

Live Performance Exam Overview

The CSRT Certification program has two tiers

  • Tier 1 only applicants are those who may not be regularly engaged in concrete surface repair inspection and testing, yet have an active interest in learning more about the inspection and tests, be introduced to types of concrete deterioration, understand the requirements for a quality concrete surface repair, be aware of repair materials and methods, and be qualified to perform pre- and post-placement inspections and testing.
  • Tier 2 applicants are those who seek full certification. Both tiers require participation in five (5) online training modules, with each module incorporating education, training, and questions. Tier 2 full certification applicants are also required to take an online knowledge exam and perform each of the four ASTM tests included in the program.

The Tier 2 Performance Exam requires that you perform four ASTM test methods (C31, C143, C1583 and C1611) that were included in the Tier 1 training. Instead of shooting a video recording of yourself performing the tests and submitting to ICRI for grading, the live performance exam is conducted on-site under the watchful eye of qualified judges who will not provide any level of coaching. ICRI will provide all of the equipment, materials, and test samples necessary for you to complete the performance exam. Passing the performance exam requires correctly demonstrating all four of the ASTM test methods. Refer to the rubric performance exam criteria, guidance/example videos, etc. that you can access once you have purchased and launched the online Tier 2 course.

Participants taking the Tier 2 Live Performance Exam must have completed all online portions of the CSRT Certification Program, including the Tier 1 online training Modules 1 – 5, and the Tier 2 online Knowledge Exam, prior to arriving on-site.

Actual test time is estimated at two (2) hours per participant. ICRI will attempt to accommodate participants requests for time slots; however, time slots are not guaranteed. Final time slots to be assigned by ICRI prior to the class and participants will be notified.

Tier 2 applicants who pass the Tier 1 Educational Program (Mods 1 – 5), Tier 2 Knowledge Exam, and all parts of the Tier 2 Performance Examination (whether or not any portion was a re-examination) will receive the designation of ICRI Concrete Surface Repair Technician—Grade 1, a 5-year certification. The individual will receive a certificate, wallet card and have the opportunity to be added to the CCSRT database o the ICRI website.

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