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Use the ICRI Buyers Guide to help speed the search for purchasing materials, finding and contacting vendors and networking.  The ICRI Buyer’s Guide was created to make your jobs easier and faster. The list of companies in the Guide includes all ICRI Supporting members. If your company is not a Supporting Member and wants to gain more market exposure by being included in the Guide, or if a listed company wants to enhance its listing, please visit our Buyers Guide Information page.

If you wish to search ICRI's complete membership list for companies or individuals that may not be listed in this optional Buyers Guide, search: Companies or Individuals.


PO Box 1441
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440 United States
Contact: Courtney Beall, courtney_a_beall@graco.com
Phone:  612-623-6420
Website: http://www.graco.com

Minova USA, Inc.
150 Summer Court
Georgetown, Kentucky 40324 United States
Contact: JW Jones, JW.Jones@minovaglobal.com
Phone:  502-542-4973
Website: http://www.minovaglobal.com

Shanghai Horse Construction Co, Ltd
Lane 1228 Jingchang Road, Room 501, 3# Building
Shanghai, Shanghai  China
Contact: Song Han, hs@shhorse.com
Phone:  +86 21-56505428
Website: http://www.horseen.com

Tekna Chem Srl
20838 Renate (MB)
Contact: info@teknachem.it
Phone:  +39 0362 918311
Website: http://www.teknachem.it

Tennantcoatings, Inc.
1120 West Exchange Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60609 United States
Contact: Brad Heckert, brad.heckert@tennantco.com
Phone: 410-212-0800
Website: http://www.tennantco.com

ICRI Supporting Members


International Concrete Repair Institute, Inc.
1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114 USA
Phone: +1 651-366-6095

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