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Use the ICRI Buyers Guide to help speed the search for purchasing materials, finding and contacting vendors and networking.  The ICRI Buyer’s Guide was created to make your jobs easier and faster. The list of companies in the Guide includes all ICRI Supporting members. If your company is not a Supporting Member and wants to gain more market exposure by being included in the Guide, or if a listed company wants to enhance its listing, please visit our Buyers Guide Information page.

If you wish to search ICRI's complete membership list for companies or individuals that may not be listed in this optional Buyers Guide, search: Companies or Individuals.


Bengoa Construction, Inc.
2200 N Dixie Hwy 
Hollywood, Florida 33020-2019 United States
Contact: Jose Bengoechea, joseb@bengoaconstruction.com
Phone:  954-589-0541
Website: http://www.bengoaconstruction.com

C.A. Lindman, Inc.
10401 Guilford Road
Jessup, Maryland 20794 United States
Contact: Robert Pusheck, rpusheck@calindman.com
Phone:  301-470-4700
Website: http://www.calindman.com

Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.
2811 Lord Baltimore Dr
Baltimore, Maryland 21244-2613 United States
Contact: Don Caple, dfcaple@concretecpr.com
Phone:  410-298-2669
Website: http://www.concretecpr.com

Contracting Specialists, Inc.
453 S Main St
Attleboro, Massachusetts 02703-6437 United States
Contact: Mark Johnson, mjohnson@contractingspecialists.com
Phone:  508-222-2377
Website: http://www.contractingspecialists.com

1025 E Albert Dr.
Manitowoc, Wisconsin 54220-1321 United States
Contact: Annie Baeten, annie@hmicompany.com
Phone: 800-626-2464
Website: http://www.hmicompany.com

Kryton International, Inc.

Kryton International, Inc.
1645 East Kent Ave
Vancouver, BC V5P 2S8, Canada United States
Contact: Daniel Yaptangco, dyaptangco@kryton.com
Phone: 604-324-8280
Website: www.kryton.com

Kryton has over 44 years experience manufacturing integral concrete admixtures. Our expanded line up of products includes waterproofing admixtures such as Krystol Internal Membrane™ (KIM®), leak repair and jointing solutions along with concrete hardening products. Our new Hard-Cem™ product is batched into concrete, hardening the full depth and providing erosion and abrasion resistance.

National Restoration Systems

National Restoration Systems, Inc.
1500 Hicks Road Suite 200
Rolling Meadows, Illinois 60008
Contact: Ralph Brown, ralph@nrsys.com
Phone: 847-483-7700
Website: http://www.nrsys.com

At National Restoration Systems we are committed to work excellence and customer satisfaction on every project, large or small. The keys to are successful performance and recognition as an industry leading restoration contractor are the experience, dedication and teamwork from management, supervision, craftsmen and laborers.

ProSpec - H.B. Fuller Construction Products
607 Woodruff Parkway
Leeds, AL 35094 United States
Contact: Gary Whitfield, gary.whitfield@hbfuller.com
Phone: 404-307-8325
Website: www.prospec.com

Pullman Power LLC
10150 Old Columbia Rd
Columbia, Maryland 21046-1274 United States
Contact: Robert Charles, bcharles@pullman-services.com
Website: http://www.pullman-services.com

Restoration East LLC
4209 E Chase St
Baltimore, Maryland 21205-3020 United States
Contact: Lou Helmacy, louh@restorationeast.com
Phone:  410-563-4972
Website: http://www. restorationeast.com

SSRG, Structural Systems Repair Group, LLC
2824 Stanton Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 United States
Contact: Bradley Rogers, brogers@ssrg.com
Phone:  513-751-7774
Website: http://www.ssrg.com

10150 Old Columbia Rd
Columbia, Maryland 21046-1274 United States
Contact: Scott Greenhaus, sgreenhaus@structural.net
Phone:  410-850-7000
Website: http://www.structural.net

Vector Corrosion Technologies
8413 Laurel Fair Circle Suite 200A
Tampa, Florida 33610 United States
Contact: David Whitmore, davidw@vector-corrosion.com
Phone:  813-830-7566
Website: http://www.vector-corrosion.com

ICRI Supporting Members


International Concrete Repair Institute, Inc.
1000 Westgate Drive, Suite 252
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114 USA
Phone: +1 651-366-6095

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