ICRI 2011 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: Transportation Category

Rock Point Bridge
grey line

Jackson County, Oregon

Submitted by The Euclid Chemical Company

Rock Point Bridge

Oregon Department of Transportation
White City, Oregon

Project Engineer/

Oregon Department of Transportation
White City, Oregon

Repair Contractor
Wildish Standard Paving Company
Eugene, Oregon

Material Supplier/

The Euclid Chemical Company
Mill Creek, Washington

The Rock Point Bridge over the Rogue River was built in 1921 and is one of famous Oregon Department of Transportation Bridge Engineer Conde B. McCullough’s first bridges. McCullough was well known for his ornate bridges, many of which incorporated arches and spandrels. The Rock Point Bridge is 501 ft (152.7 m) long; the main arch span touches down on each bank of the scenic and pristine Rogue River.

This project is being submitted in the Transportation category but is unique because of its attention to sustainability in the concrete repair of a landmark bridge structure. While sustainability can have many social, economic, and ecological definitions, for this project, it was defined as meeting the needs of the current generation without jeopardizing resources for future generations.

The project wasn’t simply repairing an aging bridge structure. There was a lot of detailed work in restoring the ornamental concrete bridge railing, dentil blocks, and curved sidewalk brackets. Arched ribs were restored. After patching the bridge deck, a Class 2 finish was achieved with a microsilica topping.

Although the bridge has been standing for 90 years, it was decided to restore the bridge instead of completely demolishing it. Fiber-reinforced polymer wrapping, epoxy injection, and concrete repair methods were used to help restore the bridge to its original condition. As deteriorated concrete was removed, it was recycled as fill from previous excavations. A microsilica deck topping was used to replace the asphalt driving surface. The topping made use of recycled material while also reducing the heat island effect compared to asphalt. The owner considered the project a success. A high-quality result was achieved while sustaining a piece of important Oregon bridge history. 

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