ICRI 2011 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: Historic Category

Restoration of Bervie Jubilee Bridge
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Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Submitted by C-Probe Systems Limited

Bervie Jubilee Bridge

Aberdeenshire Council
Aberdeen, United Kingdon

Project Engineer/

Structural Healthcare Limited
Manchester, United Kingdon

Repair Contractor
Freyssinet Limited
Telford, United Kingdom

Material Suppliers/

C-Probe Systems Limited
Cheshire, United Kingdom

Fosroc Limited
Tamworth, United Kingdom

The Bervie Jubilee Bridge—one of Aberdeenshire’s historic landmarks—has been restored to its former splendor following an approximately $2 million (U.S.) repair project. The project was completed in 2009 after a 12-month restoration period. It is the third bridge to be built on the site—with the first constructed in 1697 and the second in 1799—and marked the 25th (silver jubilee) anniversary of the reign of King George V in 1935.

The now 76-year-old Grade II listed bridge had been suffering from the effects of corrosion to the bridge’s suspended and cantilever reinforced concrete support beams and half-joint elements. Cracks were beginning to become evident in the concrete cover and through leakage from within the half-joints that carried deicing salts from the road above and weathering effects to the underside of the bridge. If not remedied, the condition was threatening to cause serious structural problems. A comprehensive repair program was needed that involved the repair of the beam soffits and joints.

The bridge had to stay open at all times to allow normal traffic and trade to continue for the town. The height of the bridge over water made access to the underside of the bridge challenging. In addition to traditional concrete repair methods, the application of impressed current cathodic protection has ensured that the bridge will remain free of corrosion problems in the future. Corrosion management systems are integral to the operation of the bridge and provide proof of performance of the impressed current cathodic protection systems to Bervie Jubilee Bridge. The corrosion management systems represented an extension to the existing client infrastructure management facility that was in place since a sister bridge at Dinnet was repaired and protected in 2005.

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