ICRI 2008 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: High-Rise Category

Le Chateau Royal Condominium Repair
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South Palm Beach, Florida

Submitted by Structural Preservation Systems

Le Chateau Royal Condominium

Le Chateau Royal Condominium
South Palm Beach, Florida

Project Engineer/

Howard J. Miller, PE, Inc.
Pompano Beach, Florida

Repair Contractor
Structural Preservation Systems
Pompano Beach, Florida

Material Suppliers/

All-State Products, Inc.
Pompano Beach, Florida

Located directly on the Atlantic coast in South Palm Beach, FL, the Le Chateau Royal Condominium complex has two high-rise buildings and a parking garage. The East Building has eight floors with 64 units and the West Building has nine floors with 72 units. A four-story post-tensioned parking garage is centered between the two buildings. Constructed in 1973, the facility has been constantly subjected to harsh coastal elements and has never had any formal restoration.

Repair work at Le Chateau included full balcony removal and replacement, waterproofing and railing removal and replacement; garage repairs involving full-depth slab repairs, post-tensioned cable repairs and columns repairs; the installation of over 2000 sacrificial anodes; and placement of a metalized zinc cathodic protection system on two structural columns.

The way the repairs unfolded provided the repair contractor the opportunity to use innovative techniques. On the balcony repairs, the extent to which the repairs developed rendered the original shoring system extremely time-consuming. As a result, the repair contractor quickly switched gears and presented an alternate shoring system for the second building that saved the owner several weeks in production, as well as the associated costs. Also, when the cost to conventionally repair the structural columns proved cost-prohibitive, the repair contractor took developed a solution that was within the owner’s budget and provided long-term durability. Finally, sacrificial anodes were installed in the balcony and garage slabs to ensure long-term protection against the corrosive coastal environment. This innovative use of cathodic protection, along with the well-thought-out repair methods, will ensure the longevity of the repairs and provide a beautiful and structurally sound property for many years.

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