ICRI 2011 Project Award Winner
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Award of Excellence: Parking Structures Category

Park Hudson Garage Restoration
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North Bergen, New Jersey

Submitted by STRUCTURAL

906 Grand

Park Hudson Condominium Association
North Bergen, New Jersey

Project Engineer/

New York, New York

Repair Contractor
Hawthorne, New Jersey

It’s rare that a project completed under dangerous conditions is celebrated for the failure that did not happen; the absence of incident is often overlooked as a measure of success. The successful repair of the existing Park Hudson Garage is such a project.

The four-story structure owned and used by a high-rise condominium building in North Bergen, NJ, sits along the Palisade Cliff—a long bluff that runs along the Hudson River. Erected in the late 1960s, the garage slab was composed of 3 in. (76 mm) thick precast concrete panels with embedded structural steel joists supported by structural steel framing anchored to concrete footings. The structure stood 40 years with very minimal preventative maintenance.

Several structural elements had reached the point of failure, including steel members and spalled concrete slabs. The entire structure had been condemned and was not suitable for use. While complete demolition and the construction of a new garage may have seemed a logical choice, the location of the structure made it a logistically challenging, if not near impossible, undertaking. Instead, the engineer proposed replacing the deteriorated concrete and, in concert with the repair contractor, developed a plan to repair the Park Hudson Garage. The scope developed for the project was essentially a complete reconstruction, but several unexpected conditions were exposed throughout the project and resulted in numerous changes and additions.

Catastrophe was avoided through focused preplanning and the implementation of unique means and methods to ensure safety, quality, production and, ultimately, a safe, sound, revitalized structure for the benefit of the residents. 

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