ICRI 2011 Project Award Winner
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Award of Excellence: Special Projects Category

A Job that Nobody Wanted
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San Francisco, California

Submitted by Structural Engineering Associates

A Job that Nobody Wanted

Cutler Properties LLC
San Francisco, California

Project Engineer/

John F. Maillard, CSI-CDT
San Francisco, California

Repair Contractor
Rainbow Waterproofing & Restoration Company
San Francisco, California

Material Suppliers/

Sika Corporation
Lyndhurst, New Jersey

The Sherwin-Williams Company
San Francisco, California

This project is a 100 x 75 ft (30.5 x 22.9 m) structure that occupies the southeast corner of 22nd Street and Valencia in San Francisco’s Mission District, a predominantly Latin American neighborhood. The building, built in 1927, is a reinforced concrete structure with highly decorative concrete details. The lack of proper maintenance and economic restraint left the building on the verge of condemnation and demolition by the city.

The new owners, two elderly widows who acquired the building after the death of their husbands, needed to restore it. They approached well-known restoration and preservation architects and engineers. The job was too small for them. Because they could not justify their $150 to $250,000 fees for jobs less than $1,000,000, they priced this job at $1,350,000. This was not financially doable. The owners hired a new property manager who called another engineer they had successfully worked with on other projects.

The new engineer convinced the owners to do a thorough investigation of the damages. It was immediately discovered that the cause of the damages was due to water intrusion. The engineer focused on the existing condition of the concrete and came up with a comprehensive inventory of repairs and replacements.

A specification was written, a cost estimate provided, and bids secured. The cost estimate was $288,000. The bids came in at $240,000 to $265,000. The owners approved the contractor and received a line of credit from the bank.

As a restoration and waterproofing contractor for over 40 years, the engineer was able to help the repair contractor and manufacturers—both ICRI members—with being efficient while staying focused on the end result. The completed result was a beautifully restored building at a final cost of less than $275,000 and was still profitable for all involved.

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