ICRI 2001 Project Award Winner
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Award of Excellence: Water Systems Category

Repair of Port Edwards Dam
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Port Edwards, Wisconsin

Submitted by STS Consultants, Ltd.

Port Edwards Dam

Port Edwards, Wisconsin

Project Engineer/Designer
STS Consultants, Ltd.
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Repair Contractor
Lunda Construction Company
Schofield, Wisconsin

Material Supplier
Wisconsin Valley Concrete Products
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Potter Form and Tie
Appleton, Wisconsin

A major paper company owns a rock-filled, timber crib dam across the Wisconsin River in Central Wisconsin. The structure was built in the late 1840s in order to pool water to float timber to the pulp mill and power the grindstones of the pulp mill.

Over time, the spillway structure of the dam had been raised, a concrete cap constructed, tainter gates added, and the pulp mill grindstones replaced by hydroelectric generators.

The original scope of the project was to address repairs required to the existing concrete cap of the spillway, construct a downstream wall founded on bedrock, and straighten the horizontal and vertical alignment of the cap of the structure. The reconstruction design was completed by another firm. The owner delayed the work until 1999, performing "as needed" maintenance in the interim.

The engineering consultant was originally contracted for a basic field service inspection of the concrete and reinforcing steel. Additionally, the consultant was asked to assemble a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Construction Quality Inspection Program. As the project progressed, the consultant's role expanded significantly. An investigation of the subsurface conditions of the structure and the completion of a new design (to accommodate working under unforeseen conditions) were also needed. This new design was completed in an extremely short period of time with cooperative teamwork between the owner, primary contractor, and FERC. The design took into account construction material cost, constructability, and time remaining in the Wisconsin construction seasons.

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