ICRI 2017 Project Award Winners
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2017 Project of the Year CRB Cover

2017 ICRI Project Awards as featured in the upcoming November/December 2017 issue of the Concrete Repair Bulletin.

Project of the Year (Historic): Alcatraz Quartermaster Building Restoration Project

Project of the Year Finalist (Parking Structures): Harvard Towers Parking Garage Concrete Repair and Waterproofing

Project of the Year Finalist (Special Projects): Chase Field Repairs

Award of Excellence (Historic): Child’s Restaurant at Coney Island & Seaside Park

Award of Excellence (Historic): Unity Temple Restoration

Award of Excellence (Low-Rise): Plaza Deck Post Tensioning Repair, External Strengthening, and Waterproofing Rehabilitation

Award of Excellence (Parking Structures): Post-Tensioned Garage Repairs

Award of Excellence (Transportation): Paradise Island East Bridge Repairs and Renovations

Award of Excellence (Water Systems): Chats Falls Generating Station

Award of Excellence (Water Systems): Gold Bar Influent Channel No. 2 Repair and Long-Term Protection

Award of Merit (Historic): Bawdsey Radar Transmitter

Award of Merit (Industrial): Refinery Sump Repairs

Award of Merit (Longevity): Port of Canaveral: North Cargo Piers Cathodic Protection 10 Years Later

Award of Merit (Low-Rise): Apeejay House, Repair and Restoration

Award of Merit (Low-Rise): Point East Association, Inc.

Award of Merit (Masonry): Mitchell Student Center Preservation

Award of Merit (Parking Structures): Brandeis Parking Garage

Award of Merit (Special Projects): Repairs of Woodbridge Wharf Dominica, West Indies

Award of Merit (Transportation): Concrete Structural Repairs & Load Capacity Enhancements of an Access Bridge

Award of Merit (Water Systems): Carnegie Lake Dam, Princeton University

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