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Committee Meeting Schedule

Schedule is subject to change.

**Did you know committee meetings scheduled at ICRI conventions are open to everyone to attend? Find a committee that is of interest to you, attend as a guest, get more information and get involved!(Fellows and Nominations committees are closed.)**

Sunday, April 7

12:00 pm–2:00 pm

Executive Committee

3:00 pm–5:30 pm

Board of Directors


Monday, April 8

10:00–11:00 am

Supporting Member Advisory Council (SMAC)

12:00 pm–3:00 pm

Technical Activities Committee (Part 1)


Tuesday, April 9

7:00–8:00 am

Coordination Committee

8:00–10:00 am

Certification Committee


Membership Committee


(130) Procurement Methods and Relationship Arrangements

10:00 am–12:00 pm

Marketing Committee


(120) Environmental Health and Safety


(320) Concrete Repair Materials and Methods

2:00–3:30 pm

Publications Committee


(310) Surface Preparation


(510) Corrosion

3:30–5:30 pm

Awards Committee


(110) Guide Specifications


(330) Strengthening and Stabilization

4:30–5:30 pm

Fellows Committee


Wednesday, April 10

8:00–9:00 am

(710-D) Protective Polymer Flooring Systems (joint with SSPC/NACE)

8:00–10:00 am

Conventions Committee


(210) Evaluation


(410) Masonry

9:00–10:00 am

(710-E) Grouting

10:00 am–12:00 pm

Education Committee




Women in ICRI


(160) Life-Cycle and Sustainability


(710) Coatings and Waterproofing (10:00 - 10:15 - Overview of all 710 Subcommittees; 10:15 - 12:00 - 710-B Moisture Mitigation Subcommittee Meeting)

12:30–2:00 pm

Technical Activities Committee (Part 2)

1:30–3:30 pm

Chapters Committee


Nominating Committee

3:30–5:30 pm

Finance Committee