ICRI Concrete Repair Terminology (X-Y-Z)
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Revised June 2015

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- X -

X-ray diffraction

the diffraction of X-rays by substances having a regular arrangement of atoms; a phenomenon used to identify substances having such a structure.

X-ray fluorescence

characteristic secondary radiation emitted by an element as a result of excitation by X-rays, used to yield chemical analysis of a sample.

X-ray radiograph

an X-ray film, plate, or paper that is placed at the image plane and is used for recording an X-ray image of the object being examined.

- Y -


discoloration of white or clear coatings caused by of aging..


the volume of a freshly mixed material produced from a known quantity of ingredients; the total weight of ingredients divided by the unit weight of the freshly mixed material.

yield point

that point on the stress-strain curve when stress ceases to be linearly proportional to strain.

Young's modulus

- Z -

zero-slump concrete

Zahn cup

an apparatus for the measurement of liquid or slurry viscosity expressed as the number of seconds required for the liquid or slurry to drain from the cup through a hole of definite diameter.

zinc-rich primer

a primer that contains a high enough concentration of zinc dust to make it electrically conductive when it dries so that it provides cathodic protection for ferrous materials.

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