ICRI Concrete Repair Terminology (J)
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Revised June 2015

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- J -


an integral covering which is applied over an existing structural element, e.g. a concrete pile, whose primary function is to strengthen or provide environmental protection, or both.


hand-held mechanical breaker for removal of concrete.

jaw crusher

boom-mounted mechanical crusher for removal of concrete from decks, walls, columns, and other concrete members where the shearing plane depth is 6 ft (1.8 m) or less; pulverizing jaw attachment can debond concrete from steel reinforcement for recycling purposes. (See also mechanical shearing.)


a physical separation in concrete, including cracks if intentionally made to occur at specified locations.

joint, articulated

a joint with movement limited by restraint.

joint, cold

an unplanned joint or discontinuity resulting from a delay in placement of sufficient time to preclude a union of the material in two successive lifts.

joint, construction

interface between two successive placements; bond is typically required at such joints and reinforcement may be continuous.

joint, contraction

formed, sawed, or tooled groove in a repair surface to create a weakened plane and regulate the location of cracking resulting from restrained dimensional change.

joint, control

see joint, contraction (preferred term.)

joint, expansion

1) a separation provided between adjoining parts of a structure to allow expansion and contraction; 2) a separation between pavement slabs on grade, filled with a compressible filler material.

joint, groove

see joint, contraction (preferred term).

joint, isolation

a separation between adjoining parts of a structure that allows relative movement in three directions; usually vertical planes located to avoid formation of cracks in the structure. (See also joint, contraction and joint, expansion.)

joint, longitudinal

a joint parallel to the length of a structure or pavement.

joint, sawed

a joint cut in hardened concrete, generally not to the full depth of the member, by means of special equipment.

joint, transverse

a joint normal to the longitudinal dimension of a structural element, assembly of elements, slab, or structure.

joint filler

compressible material used to fill a joint to prevent the infiltration of debris and to provide support for sealants.

joint sealant

joint spall

a fragment detached from a concrete mass adjacent to a joint.


a specially built mobile carrier used to provide a work platform for tunneling operations, such as installing rock bolts and grouting.

jurisdictional authority

person or entity that has legal control over the applicable building code and permitting procedures for a structure; examples of jurisdictional authorities include local building officials.

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