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Ballot Title/ID: Committee 320 Document Request
Description: In accordance with the TCM, Committee 320 has requested TAC approval to develop a document for identification and specification of drill mixing paddles for repair materials.

Attached File: Drill Mixer Report
Ballot Type: Letter Ballot
Start Date: 9/22/2009
End Date: 10/18/2009



Item # Item Description
1 320 Request to Develop Document


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Item # Member Aff. Aff. w/
Neg. Abs. Not
Comments Attached
1 Apicella,Frank X I believe that there is a need for this document in the industry. I also support the extension of the proposed document to describe/include basic styles of mortar mixers and practical issues for a contractor/manufacturer to consider. (gas,air,hydraulic - metal,plastic drum - weight, portability- etc.)
Caple,Don X
Costa, P.E.,Jorge X
Ford,Donald X
Fulkerson,Andrew X The proposed title of this document is vague for the description of Drill Motor mixing paddles. If they are only going to show pictures of mixing paddles for drill motors then it si fine, but, if they are going to include horizontal shaft mortar mixers, pan, and drum mixers then the title needs broadened.  Comment
Golter, P.E.,H. Peter X This is strickly a comment and it is not intended to require action from the committee. First of all great job. This simple yet effective tool is sorely needed in the marketplace. Once it is published I will reference it in our technical data sheets.

Lipphardt,Peter X If I'm to understanding the "Objective", this document will just be a list of current mixer types, but without guiding the reader to an appropriate selection for a specific application or material (page 1 lines 16-19). I'm not sure how valuable this source is without at least some description of each piece of equipment listed in the document. 
McDonald,James X
Michols,Kevin X This is a great ideea, it follows the simplicity of the CSP chips. My recommendation is that the initial document should include both mixing paddles and mortar mixers. The issue regarding the right type of mixing equipment (hand held or larger volume mortar mixer)seems to come up alot. This document would give manufacturers the vehicle to indicate clearly what type of equipment should be used to properly mix their products. It also gives a simple tool for a quality control check that the correct equipment is being used on the jobsite 
Rodler,David X
Tabassi,Michael X
Trepanier,Stephan X
*Whitmore,David X
Winkler,Patrick X


*Note: Non-electronic ballot submitted. Committee officer entered voting information.

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There are 14 committee members eligible to vote.

Passage of an item requires resolution of any negative votes. Passage of an item requires that at least 1/2 of all voting members on the committee roster must cast an affirmative vote. Also, the number of affirmative votes must be at least 2/3 of the yes and no votes cast. Please contact ICRI headquarters for additional information on balloting procedures.

Item # Affirmative Affirmative with Editorial Comments Negative Abstain Not Returned The 1/2 Rule The 2/3 Rule
1 6 5 1 2 Item Meets Item Meets

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