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(Record of original votes as of closing date)

Ballot Title/ID: 2010 Concrete Repair Terminology
Description: Revised Terminology Document
Ballot Type: Letter Ballot
Start Date: 1/12/2010
End Date: 2/11/2010



Item # Item Description
1 Approval of 2010 Terminology Document


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Item # Member Aff. Aff. w/
Neg. Abs. Not
Comments Attached
1 Apicella,Frank X    
Caple,Don X
Costa, P.E.,Jorge X
Ford,Donald   X Page 4 - line 3 (Air Barrier) I believe this term is used with more than just "masonry" walls. Great job on a very time-consuming project. Thanks
Fulkerson,Andrew X     Comment
Golter, P.E.,H. Peter X Nice job updating the terminology to include all the moisture related items.
Kolf,Peter X  
McDonald,James X
Michols,Kevin X Comments will be sent vias separate file in next few days
Rodler,David   X
Tabassi,Michael X
Trepanier,Stephan   X
*Whitmore,David   X Wow. what a long list of definitions! Attached are my suggestions relating to the terms I am familiar with. Most suggestions are editorial. Some are more technical.
Winkler,Patrick X 1/48 - Recommend deleting “Addition” as this concept is adequately covered under additives. The word addition has a much broader meaning than that given here.

9/31 - Cement – Term hydraulic cement is used. The term “hydraulic” should be defined even if “cement” and “hydraulic cement” are used interchangeably. However it appears that this term is also used to describe “waterproofing cements”

2/31 & 16/40 - Term “corrosion inhibitor” appears twice with slightly different definitions. Recommend using the definition at 2/31 for both. Definition at 16/40 could be further defined as corrosion inhibitor, “surface applied”.

42/49 - Delete “that” after surface

46/7 - Delete “in” after forces

54/1 - Could an example of this be given?


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There are 14 committee members eligible to vote.

Passage of an item requires resolution of any negative votes. Passage of an item requires that at least 1/2 of all voting members on the committee roster must cast an affirmative vote. Also, the number of affirmative votes must be at least 2/3 of the yes and no votes cast. Please contact ICRI headquarters for additional information on balloting procedures.

Item # Affirmative Affirmative with Editorial Comments Negative Abstain Not Returned The 1/2 Rule The 2/3 Rule
1 3 8 1 2 Item Meets Item Meets

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