Ballot Results - "Structural Concrete Repairs" Specification and Commentary
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Committee 110 - Guide Specifications Committee 
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Ballot Title/ID: "Structural Concrete Repairs" Specification and Commentary
Description: The Structural Concrete Repairs specification is submitted for review and approval by Committee 110 - Guide Specifications
Ballot Type: Letter Ballot
Start Date: 2/11/2013
End Date: 3/13/2013


Item # Item Description
1 Combined specification and commentary updated based on May 2012 TAC review comments and member review comments. In order to facilitate an understand of the changes from previously balloted documents, changes are shown in green or strike throughs.

Attached File: 030130 Repair Spec and Com 021113

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Item # Member Aff. Aff. w/ Editorial Com. Neg. Abs. Not Retd. Comments Attached Files
1 Ashish Dubey X            
David Flax   X       My response to committee responses:
Page 2, Line 83 - Jobsite added water is only one of the many ways that there can be too much water and too high of a w/c ratio. Other culprits include wash water left in the truck, different aggregate moistures as the day proceeds and other areas of the aggregate pile are used, driver using too much water to wash down the hopper before leaving the plant, driver adding water out of sight of the inspector, etc.

Page 13, Line 532 - If macro synthetic fibers are not listed under reinforcement and only steel reinforcement is listed, the implication is that only steel is reinforcement. The most common way I see this handled in specs is to add the macro synthetic under reinforcement and to add the micro fibers in with the admixtures. Micro fibers should not be considered structural reinforcement and are normally used only for the control of plastic and crazing cracks. Macro fibers can take the place of the rebars in many applications including all slabs on grade.

Page 18, Line 712 - Manufacturer literature always says something to the effect of applying evenly or uniformly, however if you have ever been at a jobsite seeing a curing compound applied with a Hudson type sprayer you know that it will be neither even or uniform. That is why backrolling to evne out the coverage is critical to getting a good cure.
David Rodler X            
Horace Willis X            
James Hicks   X       The ballot does not include ASTM C 1543.
ASTM C-1543 Standard Test Method for Determining the Penetration of Chloride Ion into Concrete by Ponding, has been shown to be an excellent means of establishing durability. "The transport properties of concrete are a primary element in determining the durability of concrete. In this study, several new test methods that directly measure aspects of fluid and ionic transport in concrete were examined. ASTM C 1543... provides the means for determining the apparent chloride diffusion coefficient, which is the controlling parameter for chloride ion migration in saturated pore systems. The chloride diffusion coefficient is an important input in service-life models for reinforced concrete."

*John Weisbarth X            
Karl Rickert X            
Keith Wright         X    
Lou Helmacy         X    
Michael Tabassi         X    
Pierre Hebert   X         Comment
Scott Harrison         X    
Timothy Montgomery         X    

*Note:  Non-electronic ballot submitted.  Committee officer entered voting information.

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There are 13 committee members eligible to vote.

Passage of an item requires resolution of any negative votes. Passage of an item requires that at least 1/2 of all voting members on the committee roster must cast an affirmative vote. Also, the number of affirmative votes must be at least 2/3 of the yes and no votes cast. Please contact ICRI headquarters for additional information on balloting procedures.


Item # Affirmative Affirmative with Editorial Comments Negative Abstain Not Returned The 1/2 Rule The 2/3 Rule
1 5 3     5 Item Meets Item Meets

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