Concrete Surface Repair Technician Certification Class Schedule
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Presented by the International Concrete Repair Institute

This certification program is divided into two Tier levels:

Tier 1

ICRI Concrete Surface Repair Technician Online Educational Program/Exam

The online Educational Program/Exam is open to anyone desiring Tier 1 recognition – the performance exam is not required. Participants passing the Online Educational Program and the online final exam will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement from ICRI. The Educational Program includes five (5) training modules and a final knowledge exam. Each module plus the exam will take approximately 1 to 2 hours each to complete.

Tier 2

Full Certification including Online Educational Program/Exam and Online/Hands-on Testing Performance Exam

Participants taking and passing both the online Educational Program/Exam and the Performance Exam (both online and hands-on testing portions) will receive ICRI Concrete Surface Repair Technician – Grade 1, five-year certification, be issued a certificate and wallet card, and be eligible to be listed on the ICRI website database. The performance exam includes a comprehensive online exam plus a hands-on testing component. It is estimated that the online performance exam will require 1 to 2 hours to complete; and the hands-on testing requires 2 hours.

Prequalification for taking the Performance Exam is taking and passing the online Educational Program/Exam. Interested participants who have taken and passed the Online Educational Program/Exam prior to the performance exam require pre-approval by ICRI prior to registering for the Performance Exam.

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