ICRI 2006 Project Award Winner
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Project of the Year: Parking Structures Category

Mayorhold MSCP
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Northampton, United Kingdom

Submitted by C-Probe Systems, Ltd.

Mayorhold Multi-Story Car Park

Northampton Borough Council Parking & Security Operations
Northampton, United Kingdom

Project Engineer/

Structural Healthcare Associates
Manchester, United Kingdom

Repair Contractor
Makers UK Limited
Coventry, United Kingdom

Material Suppliers/

Sika Limited
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

C-Probe Systems, Ltd
Cheshire, United Kingdom

Mayorhold multi-story car park (MSCP) had acclaimed notoriety when the President of the Royal Institute of British Architects included the parking garage on a list of buildings “worthy of demolition.” The aim was to identify buildings whose removal would enhance the environment. So-called “X-listing” would give planners powers to refuse change of use and grant beneficial permissions for replacement with a grant fund to “tip the balance in favor of demolition and appropriate replacement in particularly deserving cases.”

The omens therefore were not good for a repair and enhancement program for this structure. The refurbishment program, however, has completely transformed both the external appearance and the internal functionality and ambience, as well as stabilizing the structure for a revitalized 25-year life.

The parking garage, situated in Northampton and built in 1973, has spaces for 1100 cars on five levels. The specialty parking contractor worked in partnership with a major facilities management firm to undertake the refurbishment and upgrading works in 2004 and 2005.

Over the years, the condition of the parking garage declined in terms of overall appearance and extent of reinforcement corrosion. Spalling of concrete was evident to both the deck and soffit downstand beams, including ring-anode effects from previous emergency repairs.

The scheme embraces state-of-the-art repair techniques and cutting-edge technology to control corrosion and added new lighting to significantly improve the “feel” and safety of the garage for the customers. The effectiveness of the scheme is managed through Internet access to reporting updated on a monthly basis and annually audited for accredited performance.

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