ICRI 1998 Project Award Winner
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Honorable Mention: Parking Structures Category

Victory Parking Renovation
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Submitted by Buildings Consulting Group, Inc.

Victory Parking RampIn 1996, a condition study of the Victory Parking facility located in the core downtown area of St. Paul, Minnesota, found that in the top mats of reinforcing bars in the floor slabs on Levels 2 to 3, many of the 1 in. (25 mm) diameter bars had corroded completely, leaving corroded remains of rebars and compromising the structural capacity of the parking decks. The slabs were divided into 13 phases for structural repairs. All top reinforcing steel mats were removed and replaced with epoxy-coated reinforcing bars and structural concrete. The slab sections under repair were supported by hanger rods hung from the slab above. This support system eliminated the need for conventional shoring. The new top halves of the slab sections were monolithically bonded to the bottom original slabs using the hanger rods as a mechanical shear bond system. The hanger rods were cut off after concrete had achieved adequate strength. A concrete overlay was installed to conceal the hanger rods and for surface drainage. A traffic coating was also applied on the concrete surface to provide long-term protection.

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