ICRI 2002 Project Award Winner
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Honorable Mention: Low-Rise Category

Repair and Restoration of Forbes Building
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Mumbai, India

Submitted by Painterior (India)

Forbes Building

Forbes Gokak, Ltd.
Mumbai, India

Project Engineer/
Arif Lokhandwalla
Mumbai, India

Repair Contractor
Painterior (India)
Mumbai, India

Material Suppliers
Ninco Paints
Mumbai, India

The Forbes Building is over 100 years old, consisting of a basement, ground level, five upper stories, and a terrace level. Up to the second story, the building is a masonry structure with some composite structural elements and a stone façade treatment. The top three stories and the terrace level are reinforced concrete. Over the years, some of the stone façade treatment had deteriorated, and joints had opened up. On the upper stories, the façade render had deteriorated considerably, with visible cracks in the structural elements.

Since repairs had to be executed with the building offices functional at all times, the work had to be designed and implemented in a special manner. Also, the building is located in an area termed a "Heritage Precinct" wherein the original architectural features of the building had to be maintained in their original form.

Repairs included rehabilitation of external façade treatment, replacement of façade render, repair/replacement of concrete members/slabs, jacketing of columns, corrosion control, and casting of concrete cornice and delicate architectural elements. It also included application of an external synthetic plaster with a unique and innovative paint pattern to match the existing stone façade. The entire repair, which took one year to complete, had a 100% safety record over some 255,000 man-hours.

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