ICRI 2002 Project Award Winner
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Honorable Mention: Parking Structures Category

151 West Ohio Street Parking Structure Restoration and Renovation
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Indianapolis, Indiana

Submitted by Carl Walker, Inc.

151 W Ohio St Parking

Amerimar West Ohio Management Co., Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Project Architect
BSA Design
Indianapolis, Indiana

Architectural Façade Contractor
Charles C. Brandt
Indianapolis, Indiana

Repair Contractor
Structural Preservation Systems, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Material Supplier
LymTal International, Inc.
Orion, Michigan

This $5,000,000 project, located in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana, was a parking structure built in the mid 1960's, incorporating parking above the adjacent Indianapolis Greyhound Bus Terminal. The 571-space, 190,000 square foot parking structure is constructed of a cast-in-place conventionally reinforced concrete beam and slab system. The structure was subjected to years of exposure to road salts and moisture from the environment, and the resulting corrosion-induced deterioration had compromised the structural integrity of the floor system. The deterioration also resulted in concrete deterioration on the precast façade panels.

The renovation of the tenant space and old bus terminal into new office space prompted the repair project. Structural restoration work included: 45,000 square feet of strip patch full slab replacement; 3,000 square feet of beam repair; 500 square feet of column repair; expansion joint replacement; sealant work; structural strengthening; hot applied waterproofing membrane; and 190,000 square feet of deck coating.

In addition to the structural restoration work, the project included various renovation items to the parking facility's functionality, aesthetic appeal, and security, including new parking equipment and revenue control system, elevator renovation, exterior signage, façade coatings, new rollup security door and new building exterior at new office space.

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