ICRI 2013 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: Parking Structures Category

One Biscayne Tower Parking Garage Repairs
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Miami, Florida

Submitted by STRUCTURAL

One Biscayne Tower Parking Garage

One Biscayne Tower, LLC
Miami, FL

Project Engineer/

RAS Engineers
Hallandale Beach, FL

Repair Contractor
Pompano Beach, FL

Material Suppliers/

Sika Corporation US
Lyndhurst, NJ

Structural Technologies
Hanover, MD

One Biscayne Tower, located in Miami, FL, was built 40 years ago. The 39-story office tower with a 12-story parking garage at its base is home to many prominent tenants and lies along a busy intersection with significant pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The garage construction incorporates reinforced concrete slabs and precast joists.

With the building due for a mandatory 40-year inspection for structural safety, the owner procured a structural evaluation of the garage. Several material tests were performed to determine the scope of restoration, including degree of corrosion, level of contaminants, surface-strength compression, concrete density and permeability, corrosion mapping, chlorides, carbonation, and alkali-silica reaction. The data was compiled and detailed specifications were prepared to create a comprehensive repair plan that would meet the client’s budget and expectations of long-term life-cycle durability and performance.

The results of the tests determined that extensive restoration work was needed and the implemented repair plan included concrete repair, strengthening of structural members, corrosion protection, and the application of an epoxy traffic coating system in the drive lanes. Custom details using concrete, waterproofing materials, and carbon fiberreinforced polymer (CFRP) rods and sheets were provided to replace and strengthen the structure’s deteriorated concrete members.

To meet the owner’s requirement that the garage remain 100% operational during business hours, the engineer and contractor collaborated to identify processes and solutions that would allow the work teams to optimize their working hours while garage traffic was minimal. These solutions included high-early-strength, fast-setting concrete capable of receiving vehicular traffic within 6 hours of placement; fast-setting epoxy injection resin; inclusion of an ultraviolet (UV) accelerant additive into the CFRP resin; and use of custom UV light to immediately cure the resin.

The project was successfully completed ahead of schedule.

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