ICRI 2008 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: Industrial Category

Industrial Concrete Rehabilitation Project: A Success Story
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Hamilton, Mississippi

Submitted by Topcor Services

Tronox Industrial Concrete Rehab

Tronox, LLC
Hamilton, Mississippi

Project Engineer/

Jacobs Engineering
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Repair Contractor
Topcor Services
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Material Suppliers/

A.W. Cook
Hoschton, Georgia

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Industrial Concrete Rehabilitation Project was owner-initiated to overhaul a major process equipment support structure in a pigmentation facility. This concrete support structure was severely corroded underneath and on top of the main operation floor. The owner hired a structural engineer to survey the facility and assess the extent of damage caused by corrosion.

The primary objective was to strengthen, rehabilitate, and protect the structure while process operations continued on the structure and in plant surroundings. The design and implementation of plans to perform this work were challenging because of the severity of corrosion, access difficulty, ongoing operation of the facility, elevated work areas, and tight/confined areas. The project plan required the construction of new beams and new slabs directly under the operating floor, which provided extra strength to support existing loads, new loads, and construction loads. They also offset the loss of strength to the structure when the topside of the floor was rehabilitated. The owner opted to install new corrosion-resistant reinforcing bars that were of significant economic value to the project.

Because of the project’s many safety challenges and high number of employees, a safety coordinator on site was mandated. A safety action plan was developed and implemented, daily job safety analysis was performed, and scheduled safety meetings and audits were conducted.The ultimate aim of this project was to rehabilitate a structure and extend its lifespan multiple years. The project was completed within the scheduled time frame, under the designated $3.5 million budget, and with zero lost-time injuries.

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