ICRI 2008 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: Industrial Category

Pile Protection in Pluspetrol's Marine Terminal at Pisco-Camisea
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Paracas Bay, Pisco, Peru

Submitted by BASF Construction Chemicals

Pluspetrol Marine Terminal

Pluspetrol Peru Corporation S.A.
Lima, Peru

Project Engineer/

Pluspetrol Peru Corporation S.A.
Lima, Peru

Repair Contractor
Lima, Peru

Material Suppliers/

BASF Construction Chemicals Peru
Lima, Peru

Pluspetrol Corporation’s Marine Teminal is located in Paracas Bay in the state of Pisco in Peru. This terminal is part of the Camisea Gas Project and was built in 2004. It contains a natural liquid gas (NLG) plant, and two marine platforms called San Martin 1 and 3. The pier structure and the moorings were built with steel circular piles and concrete caps. Beams and slabs compose the work platform. Corrosion protection for the steel piles is controlled by a cathodic protection system.

The project developed when a problem was encountered on the steel piles of the Camisea Marine Terminal in Paracas Bay, Peru, in a salt water environment. Heavy ongoing maintenance was needed to semi-annually clean the growth of barnacles and marine life at the water line of these piles. Not only was this an unexpected maintenance cost, but this added to the dead weight of the structure and pitted the steel which was cathodically protected.

A solution was found in the encapsulation of the piles using a marine epoxy system with fiberglass jackets which encased the 24 to 40 in. (61 to 102 cm) diameter steel piles. This system had been previously used in a similar application on concrete piles in the Persian Gulf.

The project presented some very interesting site conditions, including limited windows of opportunity for the installation, as well as seismic effects. Despite these complications, the repair was successful and did not foul the pristine environment.

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