ICRI 2007 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: Low-Rise Category

Pointe Pass-A-Grill Condominium Repair
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St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

Submitted by Cathodic Protection Technology of Florida, Inc.

Pointe Pass-A-Grill Condominium

Pointe Pass-A-Grill
St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

Project Engineer/

Karins Engineering Group, Inc.
St. Petersburg, Florida

Repair Contractor
Wilson, Kehoe & Miller Corporation
Largo, Florida

Material Suppliers/

Cathodic Protection Technology of Florida, Inc.
Cocoa Beach, Florida

Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Pointe Pass-A-Grill Condominium is a classic example of an aging oceanfront condominium that needed a major concrete restoration project on its balconies, walkways, and stairwells. Pointe Pass-A-Grill is a conventionally- reinforced concrete structure. 

Concrete can become chloride contaminated from the effects of marine shore breezes carrying salt to its surfaces. When salt reaches the steel reinforcement, it breaches the normally passive state and corrosion of the reinforcing steel occurs. The corrosion products (rust) occupy a volume several times that of the original steel, causing tensile stresses. Due to this stress, the concrete cracks and spalls. 

The condominium board voted to hire an engineer to survey the damage and make recommendations for repairs with the objective of eliminating the cycle of deterioration caused by chloride-induced corrosion. Because the salt contamination that drives the steel corrosion was in the surrounding concrete, rehabilitation methods that would stop the corrosion must have included either the complete removal of the contaminated concrete or the addition of an impressed-current cathodic protection system. Repair methods such as spall patching, sealers, and coatings only slow the corrosion in the area repaired. The corrosion of the reinforcing steel near the repairs is generally accelerated. 

The owners of Pointe Pass-A-Grill wanted a permanent solution rather than short-term repairs, which are very disruptive and expensive. The project engineer recommended that the Board elect to integrate an impressed-current cathodic protection system.

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