ICRI 2007 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: Parking Structures Category

Parking Garage Repairs at a Chicago Condominium Complex
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Chicago, Illinois

Submitted by CTLGroup

Chicago Condominium Complex Parking Garage

Gold Coast Condominium Association
Chicago, Illinois

Project Engineer/

Skokie, Illinois

Repair Contractor
Zera Construction 
Company, Inc.
Niles, Illinois

This parking garage, built in 1975, forms the base of a 16-story condominium building. The garage is a reinforced concrete structure that provides three levels of parking: two elevated levels of flat-plate floor construction supported by columns and a lower level slab-on-grade in the basement. 

A repair program in 1991 included concrete patch repairs and installation of a waterproofing membrane system on the garage floor slabs. There had been no waterproofing membrane on the garage floors for its first 16 years of operation. 

By 2004, the garage floor slabs exhibited extensive concrete deterioration and cracking. The waterproofing membrane system on the elevated floor slabs had deteriorated and water leakage was widespread.

The owner engaged consulting engineers to perform a comprehensive program of inspection and materials testing. The inspection and test results, combined with a detailed structural analysis, led engineers to recommend complete replacement of both elevated parking levels and a connecting ramp. 

This work required extreme care in design, sequencing, and execution to preserve the garage’s existing masonry façade, maintain structural support for occupied floors above, and minimize disruption to the use of the building. Even so, the base bid work on this project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. These time and cost savings allowed the owner to perform additional work such as painting, replacing garage doors, and upgrading other systems and still stay within budget.

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