ICRI 1998 Project Award Winner
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Award of Excellence: Residential Category

Jeevan-Manek Residential Buildings
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Colaba, Bombay, India

Submitted by Painterior India

Jeevan-Manek Residential BuildingsThis is an exclusive residential complex in Mumbai city, the costliest city in Asia in terms of real estate value. It consists of two independent structures. The Jeevan Building has a basement garage, a ground floor, and nine upper stories. The Manek Building consists of a three-level basement garage, a ground floor, and 19 upper stories. A small commercial complex annex is one ground level and one upper story.

There are fifty-two apartments and two terrace penthouses in the complex; the real estate value of each apartment is approximately $2 million U.S. The structures are reinforced concrete (RCC) framed structures, constructed during the early Seventies, elegantly designed with distinctive elevation to impart an aesthetic architectural impact.

Work performed on these structures included repairs and replacement of the entire facade, repair to exposed portions of concrete high-rises, such as weather shades, cantilevers, slab edges, columns, shear walls, beams, concrete facade elements, and improving performance of window openings through detailing and repairs. The existing swimming pool was carefully evaluated and repaired and the deck retiled. Included in the repair was a basement badminton court and a three-tier basement garage.

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