ICRI 2009 Project Award Winner
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Award of Excellence: Transportation Category

Galvanic Cathodic Protection of La Unidad Bridge
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Col. San Rafael, CP, Mexico

Submitted by Electro Tech CP

La Unidad Bridge

Gobierno Delestado Decampeche
Col. San Rafael, CP, Mexico

Project Engineer/

Electro Tech CP
Tequesta, Florida

Repair Contractor
PENMAR, L.A. de C.V.
Col. Torreon Residencial, 
CP, Mexico

Material Suppliers/

Electro Tech CP
Tequesta, Florida

Jarden Zinc Products
Greenville, Tennessee

Located in a remote area of Mexico, the La Unidad Bridge connects the village of Isla Aguada with the city of Ciudad del Carmen and is vital to the well being and economy of these two towns as well as the entire Yucatan peninsula. Nearly 2 miles (3.2 km) long, the 30-year-old bridge is subjected to an aggressive marine environment and is part of a major highway that runs along the coastline from Texas to the tip of the Yucatán Peninsula. 

Previous repairs using point and patch repairs and different types of jacket systems had not proven to be successful, so the owner investigated other ways to provide long-term protection from corrosion. The owner decided to use a Lifejacket System in combination with a sacrificial, metalized zinc cathodic protection system to provide a long-lasting solution for the La Unidad Bridge. The selected system consists of a combination of Lifejackets for the marine piles and a metalized zinc cathodic protection system operating in galvanic mode for the pile caps. 

In spite of the remote location and the limited resources available in the area for a project as complex as this, the local work force, contractor, and local authorities demonstrated resourceful skills, a clear understanding of the concepts, and a commitment to use advanced technologies to preserve an important component of the infrastructure in southern Mexico.

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