ICRI 2007 Project Award Winner
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Award of Excellence: High-Rise Category

Country Club Towers Apartments:
Balcony, Plaza Retaining Walls, and Garage Improvements
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Arlington, Virginia

Submitted by Tadjer-Cohen-Edelson Associates, Inc.

Country Club Towers Apartments

Washington Real Estate Investment Trust
Rockville, Maryland

Project Engineer/

Tadjer-Cohen-Edelson Associates, Inc.
Silver Spring, Maryland

Repair Contractor
Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.
Baltimore, Maryland

The Country Club Towers Apartments improvement project was a complex project, yet was successful with strong cooperation between the owner, contractor, and design engineer. The repairs involved two plazas, balconies, a two-level underground garage, two retaining walls, two French drains, and a loading dock replacement. The cost of the project was $4.2 million dollars, and took 484 calendar days to complete.

The engineering consultants designed the plaza elements including the structural and waterproofing aspects of the items in the renderings and drawings. Included in the specifications were concrete repairs at the plaza decks, balconies, and garage, waterproofing the plaza decks, new concrete walls and sidewalks at the plaza decks and on grade, new masonry terraces, new asphalt pavement, new masonry signs, applying CIT and traffic bearing membrane to the garage slab, installing a new retaining wall at the pool deck, and installing pedestrian coating and new railings at the balconies.

The repair project began in December 2005 and was substantially complete in March 2007. Most of the project went as expected but there were several conditions that were not anticipated throughout the project that caused alteration of some aspects of the original repair design. However, even with these unforeseen conditions, coordination between the owner, contractor, and designer ensured the success of the project.

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