ICRI 2007 Project Award Winner
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Award of Excellence: Parking Structures Category

Auditorium Plaza Garage Repairs and Improvements
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Kansas City, Missouri

Submitted by Structural Engineering Associates

Auditorium Plaza Garage

City of Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri

Project Engineer/

Structural Engineering Associates
Kansas City, Missouri

Repair Contractor
Mid-Co Contractors, Inc.
Kansas City, Kansas

Material Suppliers/

BASF Building Systems
Shakopee, Minnesota 

The Quikrete Companies
Atlanta, Georgia

The Auditorium Plaza Garage (APG) is the largest municipal parking structure in downtown Kansas City, MO, occupying an entire city block and connecting to surrounding building with underground tunnels. Constructed in 1954, this three-level underground garage was suffering from severe corrosion and deterioration.

A structural condition study of the parking structure was performed in 2001, the outcome of which drove the need to address the continued onslaught of slab, soffit, column, and wall corrosion since the last major repairs in 1984. Additionally, the garage exhibited moderate to severe leaking of the under-street tunnels; a poorly-lit and deteriorated interior pedestrian walkway that connected the garage to the tunnels and buildings beyond; and the need for repairs and waterproofing to the large water feature above the garage. 

In 2005, a repair project was launched and included: structural concrete framing and tunnel repairs and waterproofing to the garage; a new tennis court and vendor areas at ground level; a restored water feature; and a complete renovation of the garage’s pedestrian walkway, including new ceiling, lighting, flooring, and signage. 

Extensive concrete soffit and slab repairs were made with a number of methods, including: hydrodemolition surface preparation; shotcreting; cathodic protection; and hollow plane epoxy injection. This project included more than 20,450 ft2 (1900 m2) of delaminated soffit repairs and more than 20,800 ft2 (1930 m2) of slab repairs. Throughout the entire repair process, the garage remained open for business. The project totaled $6.7 million and took more than 18 months to complete.

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