Requirements & Guide for Video Recording the ICRI CSRT Performance Exam
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  1. Participant has option to use own camera (must be Sony HDR-MV1 Video Camcorder) and furnish compatible Sony 64GB Micro SDXC Memory Card, or rent camera from CPI (link provided in course) and use the memory card provided with the rental camera.
  2. Participant shoots videos per Recording Requirements/Instructions (below) accessible in the course, and included with the camera rental.
  3. Following completion of video recording, participant mails memory card to The ICRI Office for video uploading, grading, and storage. Participant has two options:
    • If camera is rented, remove completed memory card from camera, insert into prepaid envelope included with the camera rental, and mail. Return rental camera.
    • If own camera is used, remove completed memory card from camera, and mail/ship memory card to ICRI, 9700 W. Bryn Mawr Ave, Suite 210, Rosemont, IL 60018, Attn: La’Shawn Beasley. Note that memory card will not be returned and will become the property of ICRI. ICRI will not reimburse for the cost of the memory card. It is recommended that the package be tracked for confirmed receipt by ICRI. ICRI is not responsible for memory cards not received by ICRI. Mailing/shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender and ICRI will not reimburse these costs.
  4. It may take up to four weeks from the time ICRI receives the memory card for the video to be graded and results disseminated.


Recording Requirements:

  1. The video must capture 3 components:
    • You performing each of the quality control tests as defined in the “ICRI Concrete Surface Repair Technician’s Performance Examination Rubric.” Include video recording of your face and driver’s license (or other government issued photo ID) to verify identity (must be legible).
    • The testing equipment being used to perform the quality control tests.
    • Your voice must be clearly audible on the recording.
  1. Each of the quality control tests must be shot in 1 continuous take (1 continuous take for casting the cylinder, 1 separate continuous take for the pull-off test, etc.).
  • One of the items being assessed in the video is your familiarity with the test procedure and your mastery of performing it. Shooting the video in one continuous take allows the grader to see how well you know the procedure.
  • You can stop the video between performing each of the quality control tests.
  • You can reshoot the video for any of the quality control tests but the version you turn in must be 1 continuous take.
  • Do not record a quality control test in several separate takes that are spliced together.
  • Do not edit the video.
  • It is OK if the camera automatically breaks the footage into separate clips. If this happens, it will still be clear that it was shot in one continuous take.

Approval Criteria:
The videos will be graded on the criteria defined in the “ICRI Concrete Surface Repair Technician’s Performance Examination Rubric.”

Instructions for Recording with the Sony HDR-MV1 Video Camera:

  1. Set up the Camera (See Attachment)
  2. Record
  3. Review Footage (Delete and Reshoot or Keep)

Set the camera approximately two feet off the ground (an upside down five gallon bucket works well) and four to six feet from where you will be squatting while you perform the test.

Be sure both you and the tools/testing equipment you will be using are in the view and will be in view while you perform the test.

To record, just hold the power button to turn on the camera and press the record button.


  • The screen on the camera will go black during recording. This is to preserve battery life.
  • The battery has about 80 minutes of recording time on a full charge. The battery takes about one hour to charge. Always be charging a battery in the wall charger while you are shooting.

The battery icon will be solid, not blinking, on all five sections when the battery is charged.

Be sure to load the battery in the charger with the positive terminal to the left.

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