Concrete Slab Moisture Re-examination
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Failure of the Written Examination (Tiers 1 and 2) requires a reexamination on the entire Written Examination. Failure on one (1) or more of the four (4) required ASTM Standard tests on the Performance Examination (Tier 2 only) requires reexamination on specific failed tests only. Reexamination on the Written and/or Performance Examinations must be taken within one (1) year of the initial examinations. Otherwise, the entire Educational Program (Tier 1), including the Educational Session and Written Examination, or the full certification program (Tier 2), including the Educational Session, and both the Written and Performance Examinations must be retaken in their entireties.

In addition to ICRI scheduled certification class locations, the reexamination Written Examination may be taken through participating ICRI chapters. The reexamination of the Performance Examination is only available at ICRI scheduled certification class locations. Reexamination Examinees must register through ICRI and identify the desired test location. ICRI will contact participating ICRI chapter locations, if selected, and coordinate completion of the reexamination.

ICRI will issue a Certificate of Achievement to Examinees who receive a passing grade on the reexamination Written Examination (Tier 1). Examinees who pass the Written Examination / Reexamination Written Examination and pass all parts of the Performance Examination (Tier 2) will receive the designation of ICRI Concrete Slab Moisture Testing Technician—Grade 1.

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