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Welcome to ICRI Southwest Florida Chapter, Inc. 2.0!!

We are up and running. We have a fantastic Board of energetic, imaginative and driven people from Engineers to Suppliers and everyone in between! The enthusiasm and participation from soon to be members, new and re-upping has been good for us to hear. Just warning everyone we are back and building at full steam.

Welcome to the 2017 Board:

  • President - Tree Tietsort, LCM Engineering
  • Vice President - Vic Dudash, RL James
  • Secretary - Jason Swanson, Walker Contracting Group
  • Treasurer - Joe Clark, EI, Delta Engineering
  • Director - Speakers - Kurt Brown, Universal Engineering Sciences
  • Directors - Fundraising - Jim McKiney, BASF and Michelle Nobel, Sika
  • Director - Membership - Gerry Maron, PE Engineering
  • Directors - Scholarships - Richmond Huseman, Coastal Construction Products and Rafael Diaz, Coastal Construction Products
  • Director - Marketing & Media - Sean Keating, Walker Contracting Group

Our first General Membership meeting will be October 27th and we are honored to have ICRI’s very own Dale Regnier in attendance. We have established a practice to bring laptops and anyone signing up as a new member at the dinner will be fed for free that night!

We already have speakers lining up and sponsors to help us out! The Scholarships will have to wait until we build back up our account. Which means fundraisers and I have to say we have some great and “new” ideas on that front also.

Look out for our Community Concrete Project in 2017 too! We have a few really great, out of the box suggestions for that one too.

Our Chapter is great because it is well balanced with Specifiers, Contractors and Vendors! Our Calendar is on here so look us up and come join us! If you want to be on the email list, email us! Looking forward to another great time!

Tree Tietsort - President 2017
ICRI Southwest Florida Chapter, Inc.

Chapter Newsletters and Announcements

2016/2017 Scheduled Meetings

Notice: Membership/Dinners/Sponsorship Information

  • Meetings are $35 for members/$45 for non-members
  • Any non-member signing up for their membership at the dinner will not be charged for that nights dinner.
  • Meetings will be held at the Crowne Plaza, 13051 Bell Tower Drive, Fort Myers, Florida 33907
  • Cash bar & buffet, including salad and desert. Please RSVP! - They have to know how many to set up for.
  • Dinner Sponsorship's - $250
    Sponsors are encouraged to put up all the trade show paraphernalia, table decorations, flyers, whatever. Sponsors are given 10 minutes on the agenda to brag about their company. The sponsors logo is included on the agendas, flyers, correspondence and emails that are sent out for that month.


2016/2017 Meetings & Events

October 27, 2016
Board Meeting - 5:00 pm
General Membership Meeting - 6:00 pm
Dale Regnier from ICRI is our Guest Speaker. Come out and hear about our speakers, fundraising ideas, scholarships, events and how to become in the running for being chosen as the First Time Delegate for the spring ICRI Convention. Download a flyer here.
* Two volunteers needed for the meeting to sign in and collect money for those attending.

November 15, 2016
Board Breakfast - 8:30am

December 2016 - No meetings

January 17, 2017
Board Meeting - 5:00 pm
General Membership Meeting -6:00 pm

February 21, 2017
Board Breakfast - 8:30 am

March 21, 2017
Board Meeting - 5:00 pm
General Membership Meeting - 6:00 pm

April 18, 2017
Board Breakfast - 8:30 am

May 16, 2017
Board Meeting - 5:00 pm
General Membership Meeting -6:00 pm

June 20, 2017
Board Breakfast - 8:30 am

July 2017 - No meetings

August 15, 2017
Board Meeting - 5:00 pm
General Membership Meeting - 6:00 pm

September 19, 2017
Board Breakfast - 8:30 am

October 17, 2017
Board Meeting - 5:00 pm (ELECTIONS 2018)
General Membership Meeting - 6:00 pm

November 14, 2017
Board Breakfast - 8:30 am

December 2017 - No meetings

Member List

Click here - Chapter Member Search to view entire member list.


Tree Tietsort
LCM Engineering

Vic Dudash
RL James

Jason Swanson
Walker Contracting Group

Joe Clark, EI
Delta Engineering


Kurt Brown
Universal Engineering Sciences

Jim McKiney

Michelle Nobel

Gerry Maron
PE Engineering

Richmond Huseman
Coastal Construction Products

Rafael Diaz
Coastal Construction Products

Sean Keating
Walker Contracting Group


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