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Welcome to the meetings, member list, and officer information page for the Baltimore Washington chapter.

ICRI Mission Statement

The Mission of the International Concrete Institute is to be a leading resource for education and information to improve the quality of repair, restoration, and protection of concrete and other structures in accordance with consensus criteria.

ICRI is an organization composed of Engineers, Consultants, Contractors, Manufacturers and other material suppliers, property managers and owners all working together for the betterment of the industry and of all involved. Providing an open forum to speak about our work, new technologies and methods, exchange ideas.
Creating and Following standards to produce the best results for all involved.

Website -

Chapter Address: 8201 Greensboro Dr, Suite 708, McLean, VA 22102
Phone: 703-448-1190

President’s Message

Dear ICRI-BW Chapter Members,

It is 2017 and time to continue onward with yet another successful year of ICRI-BWC. We have had many outstanding past presidents and adding to this list is now Adam Hibshman. His leadership guided ICRI-BWC to a few new opportunities that I hope to continue, such as increasing awareness of our industry specifically to college students. There are job opportunities and career paths that many graduating students aren’t even aware exist. ICRI-BWC is a wealth of information for these students which can better our industry, companies and community. Each of us has a tale to tell of how we got to where we are today and by sharing our information we enlighten young minds and inspire future leaders. We are always learning and I am certain we too can all learn something new from these students just the same.

It goes without saying that recognition is due to some of our past board members Brian McCabe and Larry Burkhardt who have both offered to continue their services on various committees along with the continued service from Tom Ouska. These seasoned members continue to achieve the demand of established goals and enable the current board of directors to forge on with new visions. Their experience and time is invaluable and chapter growth wouldn’t be as successful without them. They each would be difficult to replace when the time comes; however, that time is not this year. We are lucky to have their dedication and I want to be sure we thank them for all their efforts.

Our three new board members, Dave Bickel (CPR), Mike Payne (FEA) and Brian Radigan (Tremco) offer new experiences, ideas and commitment. We wish you a warm welcome and look forward to your contributions to the organization.

As always, we strive for Chapter of the Year. Our past president dissected the application and attempted to guide the chapter towards greater success where he saw some potential weaknesses. We are hoping to win this honor for 2016. As always, we are the largest chapter in the country, yet we continue to struggle growing. We hope to pursue new avenues for growth and with new presentations, upscale venues and younger audiences, we hope to recruit some of our past members to return and share their knowledge in an effort to aid in our growth. We will continue with our scholarships, social activities, golf tournament and the technical seminar.

Our first dinner meeting of 2017 will be jointly hosted with ICRI-BWI and NCCACI on February 9th at Maggiano's in McLean, VA. NCCACI is diligently planning the speaker for this dinner which is routinely well attended.

I look forward to seeing all of you at this dinner meeting, and please reach out to me at if you have any suggestions for this year or feedback for me or the board.

Shannon Bentz, President
ICRI Baltimore Washington Chapter

Here is a link to our chapter website:

Chapter Newsletters and Announcements

Scheduled Meetings

May 4, 2017
ICRI-BWC 2nd Quarter Meeting
Location: TBA

September 7, 2017
ICRI-BWC 3rd Quarter Meeting
Location: TBA

October 5, 2017
ICRI-BWC 26th Annual Golf Tournament
Location: TBA

November 2, 2017
ICRI-BWC 4th Quarter Meeting
Location: TBA

December 7, 2017
ICRI-BWC Fall Technical Seminar
Location: TBA

Member List

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2017 Officers

Shannon Bentz, P.E.

Vice President
Robert A. Radcliff, P.E.
Engineering & Technical Consultants, Inc.

Kevin Kline, E.I.T.
Concrete Protection & Restoration, Inc.

Brian Baker

Immediate Past President
Adam Hibshman
Valcourt Exterior Building Services

Chuck Brienza
Concrete Protection & Restoration Inc.

Justin Long, P.E.
Smislova, Kehnemui @ Associates

Neil Savitch
Concrete Specialties Group

Rich Barrett
BASF Building Systems

Phil Heisel

Nick Henn, P.E.
Engineering & Technical Consultants, Inc.

David W. Bickel Sr.
Concrete Protection & Restoration Inc.

Michael G. Payne, P.E.
Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.

Brian J. Radigan
Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing

Management Team

Tom Osina, CAE, IOM
Phone: (703) 530-9772


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