ICRI 2004 Project Award Winner
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Award of Merit: Water Structures Category

Sutro Reservoir
grey line

San Francisco, California

Submitted by Sika Corporation

Sutro Reservoir

San Francisco Public
Utilities Commission
San Francisco, California

Project Engineers/

Mitchell Engineering
San Francisco, California

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission
San Francisco, California

Repair Contractor
Lotus General Contractors
Emeryville, California

Material Supplier
Sika Corporation
Lyndhurst, New Jersey

The Sutro Reservoir is owned and operated by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Completed in 1952, the reservoir contains approximately 32 million gallons of potable drinking water for the City of San Francisco. The lid of the reservoir was showing signs of significant distress including failed expansion joints, cracking of the concrete deck throughout and spalling of the deck and supporting beams.

A comprehensive investigation was conducted by SFPUC to determine the extent of the deterioration and devise a repair and protection system to extend the life service of the structure. 

Unique to this project was the use of zodiac boats to inspect the underside of the lid and divers to inspect areas under the waterline.

This awards entry focuses on the work related to repairing and protecting the top side and underside of the 300,000 square ft lid of the reservoir, a critical source of drinking water for the City of San Francisco, California.

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