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ICRI Announces Release of Three New Technical Guidelines

Thursday, September 6, 2012  
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Rosemont, IL – September 6, 2012 – The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) announces the release of two new Technical Guidelines; No. 320.5-2012 “Pictorial Atlas of Concrete Repair Material Mixing Equipment”, and No. 320.6-2012 “Guide for the Evaluation and Repair of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures.” ICRI would also like to acknowledge the released of a revised version of Technical Guideline 320.3R-2012 “Guide for Inorganic Repair Material Data Sheet Protocol.”

Pictorial Atlas of Concrete Repair Material Mixing Equipment 
The intent of this Guide is not to advocate one type of paddle or piece of equipment versus another, discuss mixing efficiency, or other properties, but simply to provide a single-source common guide that can be used in the trade when describing or specifying mixing equipment. Specifying equipment for mixing concrete repair materials is extremely difficult because the industry uses multiple names for the same equipment and the same names for different equipment. The problem has been that different types of mixing paddles and mixers can produce different consistencies and properties in concrete repair products. ICRI sees this guide as the solution as it will help ensure the appropriate equipment is properly described or specified.

This ICRI Guideline is only available for purchase as a downloadable PDF file from the ICRI web site.

Publisher: International Concrete Repair Institute
Number of pages: 8
Price: $49.00 (ICRI members $30)

Guide for the Evaluation and Repair of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Concrete Structures
This guide is the direct result of a successful collaboration between ICRI and the Post-Tensioning Institute (PTI). The guide is intended to provide an introduction to the techniques and procedures used to evaluate and repair existing concrete structures post-tensioned with unbonded single-strand tendons. This guide demonstrates how the strength and serviceability of a structure that has experienced deterioration can be evaluated and restored to its original—or greater—strength and serviceability. Post-tensioning design, evaluation, and repair requires specialized knowledge. There is no substitute for experience and knowledge in working with post-tensioned structures. An experienced contractor and licensed design professional team is essential when working with post-tensioned structures.

ICRI Guidelines are available for purchase by calling 248-848-3809 or online at ICRI Guidelines are available in printed form, or as a downloadable PDF.

Publisher: International Concrete Repair Institute/Post-Tensioning Institute
Number of pages: 54
Price: $74.00 (ICRI members $46)

Guide for Inorganic Repair Material Data Sheet Protocol
Updated for 2012, this guideline provides a consistent, logical, and systematic methodology for testing and reporting information for cement-based repair materials. The data sheet protocol allows the specifier to choose verifiable properties optimized for their selected requirements of a particular repair situation. The applicator can obtain useful information about yield, working time, surface preparation, application temperature range, curing, and compatibility, as well as verify the material performance. The material producer can optimize products based on market needs and technology improvements, rather than concentrating on closely passing acceptance levels of an existing specification in a commodity-based market.

This ICRI Guideline is only available as a downloadable PDF file from the ICRI web site.

Publisher: International Concrete Repair Institute
Number of pages: 13
Price: This guide is free to anyone looking for data sheet protocol.

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An image of the cover artwork for any of these Guidelines is available.

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