ICRI Secretariat IDEA Summary
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IDEA ID Date Submitted Submitted By Overview - Review Idea Form Action by Sec. Date Accepted Sec. Rep ICRI Committee Contact Current Progress Summary Status Closed Date
2016-001 6/10/2016 Greg Blaszak (CMTE 330) FRP Certification Accept 6/24/2016 Jeff Barnes CMTE 330   Follow up with T. Donnely with task group creation OPEN  
2016-002  6/10/2016  Todd Allen/Dennis Wipf Bond Pull-Off Webinar  Accept  6/24/2016 Rick Edelson    

Power Point slides (technical content) being developed in 210 Subcommittee: Kevin Michols, Chair; Matt Sherman; Peter Kolf; and Jim McDonald

Committee 210C held meetion on 5/1/17 and is currently working on Version 7

Education Committee will be forming a new subcommittee (admin) or may use existing subcommittee formed at the 2017 Spring Convention for standardizing ICRI Educational Products, including webinars




 6/19/16 Rick Edelson  Data Sheet Protocol Merger w/ACI  Accept  6/24/2016 Rick Edelson       Waiting on October meeting  OPEN  
2016-004  8/31/16  Ken Lozen   Guideline for creation of New Cert. Programs  Accept  9/2/2016  Rick Edelson     Mike Levin is contacting several outside consulting firms that can create certification programs for ICRI with ICRI input  OPEN  
2016-005  8/31/16  Ken Lozen Condition Asessment Cert Program  Accept  9/2/2016  Mark Nelson     Create description and email to committee chairs  OPEN  
2016-006  8/31/16  Ken Lozen CSRT Cert Program Webinar  Accept  9/2/2016  Jeff Barnes     Create description and email to committee chairs  OPEN  
2016-007 9/16/16
Fred Goodwin
Webinar for Causeway Software Accept 9/30/2016 Mark Nelson     Webinar has been posted on ICRI website. CLOSED  
2016-008 9/29/16 Secretariats Guideline for Creation of webinars Accept 9/30/2016 Bud Earley     Bud to contact Education Committee OPEN  
2016-009 11/7/16 Bud Earley Concrete Repair 101 Accept 11/11/2016 Bud Earley       OPEN   
2016-010 11/11/16 Matt Sherman Reinforcing Bar Prep Accept 11/11/2016 Rick Edelson    

210 Subcommittee formed at 2017 Spring Convention: Matt Sherman, Chair; Kevin Michols; and David Rodler to investigate feasibility/options for possible ICRI products 

2016-011 11/11/16 Matt Sherman Half Cell Survey Accept 11/11/2016 Jeff Barnes     Take to TAC to see if there is a desire to proceed OPEN  
2016-012 11/14/16 Pat Morrissey Aesthetics Award Category Accept  12/2/2016  Mark Nelson  Awards     Waiting on response from Awards Committee OPEN  
2017-001  02/03/17    Webinar Creation from ACI 562 Technical Sessions at ICRI in Cleveland  Accept  02/03/17  Mark Nelson      Work in progress. Ken Lozen and Mike Levin have been working on this and five (5) of our free webinar sessions from Ewald will be utilized. Pricing for creation is in the works.  OPEN   
2017-002  02/03/17    Corrosion Product Promotion  Decline  2/3/2017           CLOSED  
2017-003  02/03/17   Mike Levin Go To Market Form Merger Accept  3/3/2017  Bud Earley      Mike Levin merged two documents. Provided to Fred Goodwin for TAC review.  OPEN  
 2017-004 3/3/2017  Pat Morrissey  Chapter Meeting Topics History  Accept  3/3/2017  Jeff Barnes      Decision to create a Meeting Topics History form for Chapters from Secretariat to add to pre-existing data   OPEN  
2017-005  3/3/2017  Ashish Dubey  Cracks in Concrete - Identification, Causes & Repair A/V Training  Accept  3/3/2017  Rick Edelson   Committee 320   320 Committee working on 20 online crack identification training modules: 16 of 20 modules already have some technical content – draft technical content (Power Point slides) for 5 modules to be completed by July 1 for TAC review – all content completed by end of 2017


Subcommittee (Admin) formed in Education Committee: Scott Harrison, Brian Heery, and Brian Daley

 2017-006  3/17/17  Shawn McCormick Required Quorum Percentage Accept  4/7/17  Mark Nelson  TAC    Mark to send to Fred at TAC to determine if TAC wants to pursue the IDEA.  OPEN  
 2017-007 3/17/17  Scott Greenhaus  ICRI Safety Award 




 Mark Nelson

 Awards   Letter sent to Scott Greenhaus to inform him that his IDEA is already being reviewed in the Awards Committee CLOSED   
 2017-008  3/17/17  Scott Harrison  Master Production Calendar  Accept  4/7/17  Rick Edelson  Coordination    Combine with IDEA 2017-009  OPEN  
 2017-009  3/18/17  Fred Goodwin  Coordination Committee  Accept  4/7/17  Rick Edelson  Coordination    Draft of Secretariat recommendation to Executive Committee being reviewed  OPEN  
2017-010 3/18/17 Brian MacNeil Rebar Location  Denied  4/7/17  Rick Edelson     Rejection letter forwaded to Brian MacNeil  CLOSED  4/8/17
2017-011 3/18/17 Scott Greenhaus Safety  accept  4/7/17  Jeff Barnes  Safety    acceptance letter sent to Scott Greenhaus    4/12/17
2017-012 3/18/17 Jacques Bertrand Strategic Plan  accept  4/7/17  Jeff Barnes  marketing    acceptance letter sent to Jacques and Jessi Meyer    4/12/17
2017-013 3/23/17 Brian Daley Social Promotion                
2017-014 3/29/17 Charles Mitchell Radar Certification                

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